Monday, April 23, 2012

Ice Cream!

Most of ice cream today has chocolate in it, or asks you to put chocolate on it. For example...

Rocky Road 

Cookies and Cream 

Mint Chocolate Chip

as well as Hot Fudge Sundaes 
(again... chocolate).

 How do you continue eating ice cream when you're allergic to the world's favorite sweet?

I'll tell you how. 

Don't automatically put yourself down as a forever vanilla consumer. There's essentially nothing wrong with vanilla. It's a great flavor, but there's plenty of ways to eat ice cream without it being boring! Think of all the fruit flavors (namely strawberry, black raspberry, and peach) that Breyers and Blue Bunny have come out with! Then, there's also pistachio, coffee, peanut butter, and a gazillion other varieties that you can enjoy, all without ever crossing paths with chocolate!

But my personal favorite? Plain vanilla ice (yes, I realize I already partially condemned this earlier, but... wait for it...) with root beer float topping. 
Epic win! 


  1. oh dear me! darling, are you allergic to chocolate? that must be quite hard, but you are so right - there are many more amazing flavors out there to choose from! have you ever tasted cake batter? :)

    1. Marcelle... Yes, being allergic to chocolate is difficult at times, but I thank the Lord for providing so many other delicious flavors to chose from. And no, I have never tasted cake batter! I must put that on my "to-taste" list!! :)