Tuesday, April 30, 2013

About The Blog...

(Taken from my new About page.)

Welcome to Allergic to Chocolate! My name is Kiri Liz, and I'm so happy that you're stopping by! Whether you're here to discover more about me and my allergies, or you're wanting to know what people do when they're allergic to chocolate, or you're looking for something fun to read to pass the time, or you're here totally by accident, please enjoy your visit here!

My journey with allergies began in 2011. During the summer of that year, I was plagued with numerous stomach aches after meals, aches that would often last long into the night following dinner. Since a few of my relatives have dairy intolerances, I first knocked out dairy from my diet, yet, it didn't help at all. It was in October that I was finally able to visit an allergist and discovered that I had food allergies, not a dairy intolerance. 

While this blog is called Allergic to Chocolate, and yes, I am truly allergic to chocolate, that is not the only allergy I have. In addition to chocolate, my biggest food allergy is soy, and in reality, that allergy affects me more than my chocolate allergy. I am also unable to eat buckwheat, tuna, clams, flounder, and mixed fish, but since they don't play a huge part in my diet, I will make mention of these allergies rather infrequently.

What should you expect here during your visit to Allergic to Chocolate? I'll be posting my tips and tricks to living allergy-friendly, delicious allergy-free products you can find in your local grocery stores, and favorite allergy-free recipes.

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  1. Hey there Kiri!
    First, let me start off by saying that both my brother, sister and my dad are allergic to chocolate as well. Though I, thankfully, am allergy free I can see how hard it is for those with allergies to choose foods they can actually eat and enjoy! Its such an awesome idea to create a blog with recipes for those with allergies. I may recommend it to a few other friends I know have food allergies as well. Anyways, keep it up Kiri, thanks for the inspiration and ideas! Good luck!
    Lyndsey at: http://fantasyworldlr.blogspot.com/