Friday, February 14, 2014

Pinterest Themes ~ Raspberries

It's Valentine's Day, and the world is erupting in pink hearts and boxes of chocolate. And while most people at this time go for all things strawberry, I myself prefer to go for the raspberries.

Why raspberries? They're small, sweetly pink, and are the perfect compliment to anything! Today's Pinterest theme is raspberries. Enjoy!

Gluten-free mini raspberry donut cakes... gotta
think about those GF people! {source}

Raspberry pastry bread. Perfect for breakfast or snacking!

Lemon and raspberry make a perfect combo!
And what better way to put them together than
in lemonade? {source}

More sweet and sour mix! Lemon-raspberry
sandwiches! {source}

Need something sweet for a Valentine breakfast?
These raspberry swirl sweet rolls are wonderful
to wake up to! {source}

Raspberry layer cake. Beautiful and delicate...

Something icy, perhaps? Have a bowl of raspberry sorbet!

The red berries make a lovely decoration on this
raspberry mousse cake. {source}

And last, but not least, a hummingbird cake,
topped with raspberries! {source}