Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Monet Entertainer Crackers

Crackers are one of the hardest products to find soy-free. Believe me, I know. Most of the organic crackers, while sometimes soy-free, tend to be flat, dry, and tasteless. Once in a while, you can find a good one, but for the most part, when you have allergies, it's difficult to hit upon a tasty, good-for-you cracker.

And then we have those golden moments when you find a product that is just perfect. For soy-free people, the best cracker I've found are Monet's Entertainer Crackers. Light, flaky, they taste just like a Ritz, but without any nasty soy fillers. Two thumbs up in my opinion! And I'm sure you'll agree with me, once you taste one of these beauties!

The entertainer crackers come in three different flavors: original, wheat, and vegetable. While all three are marvelous, my personal favorite are the vegetable. They go great alongside a bowl of homemade soup!

While you can find these scrumptious crackers online (links to Amazon below), my mom and I found these at a local Dollar Tree, and at $1 a box, they're a great buy! I don't know at this point which stores carry Monet crackers, but looking for them is well worth the effort if you're soy-free and in need of crackers!

Links to Amazon

Note: I've not had any of Monet's other crackers, so be sure to check the list of ingredients before purchasing.

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