Friday, July 25, 2014

What I'm Eating Tonight... {4}

And now it's time for another installment of What I'm Eating Tonight! 

With summer here, the generic sweet, go-to treat is ice cream, right? When you're allergic to chocolate and soy, that usually limits what ice cream you can have, but I find that allergies only give me the initiative to come up with more creative solutions than just the typical stuff your local grocery store dishes out by the bucket-load.

Some time ago, my mom returned home from a shopping trip with a bag of pretzels. And not just any pretzels... these were Pretzel Spoonz. Do you realize how epic that is? I've always loved pretzels with my ice cream, but now a pretzel spoon to eat the ice cream with? I was in ecstasy. And then I dished myself a big bowl of strawberry ice cream.

Ready for some pics? Again, I'm sorry for the poor quality, but Iris (my phone) doesn't take the best pictures.

Yum! Hope you enjoyed this! I know I did! *winks*

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